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We offer services with greater commitment and highest possible quality, always adding value to your brand through our work and prove that investing in Infinit0 agency will return to you. Besides the creation of websites, hotsites, blogs, layouts, and redesign, we also offer domain registration and hosting plans. Last but not least, we also offer the application of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Analytics.


Websites and Hotsites

With the popularization of Internet, websites have become the new business cards from individuals, businesses and institutions. It is through access to websites that we find information about products, services and people, as well as institutional information and means of contact, location, etc.. That is why websites are considered today, the flagship of the communication.


And that is exactly what you find here! Make your website with a contemporary design and well structured. Make it intuitive and informative. Promote your name, your job, your company, your profession. Add value to your brand. Join us and let us do innovative work.

  • Compatibility with major browsers
  • Content Management by WordPress
  • Optimizing your site for search engines (SEO)
  • Tracking your website through Google Analytics

Have been sold over 15 million worldwide iPads, which show that an audience really interested in new technologies. Have a different version of your website for users with an iPad design more accessible, fast, unique and get ahead of your competitors.

Small screen devices need different usability, which creates the need for a version adjustable by the screen and load quickly. So you must have a version of your website available to the world’s most desired smartphone, the iPhone.

We register your domain and host your site.

We register your doman: .com, .net, .org… (Example: www.yourname.com)

We host your website. (Normal: Bandwidth = 5GB and 500MB of disk space)

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Infinit0 Agency is a web agency based in the three main pillars of web design: innovation, interactivity and creativity. We care for an agency focused on style, simplicity and collaboration. With ethics and commitment, we aim to always add value to the client’s business, with innovative and modern.